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 Agenda for the Accessibility Workshop

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Day Contents
(July 16, Monday)
  • Lecture by Mei-Po Kwan:

Concepts and measures of Accessibility. Integrating GIS into accessibility studies

  • Guest lecture on application by Stephen Matthews, Associate Professor, Population Center, Penn State University:

Leveraging quantitative and qualitative data in demography and the social sciences using GIS

  • Lab session by Irene Casas:

Introduction of ArcView and extensions - Introduction of Maptitude

Network Access
(July 17, Tuesday)
  • Lecture by Morton O’Kelly:

Planar Access - Network Access

Examples: population trends, periodic market, link and nodal accessibility, paths, social networks, Internet connectivity

  • Lab session by Morton O’Kelly and Irene Casas:

Distance measurement, network connections, and mapping network nodes

Spatial Interaction Modeling
(July 18, Wednesday)
  • Lecture  by Michael Tiefelsdorf:

Spatial Interaction and Temporal Patterns - Statistical estimation and incorporation of GIS

Examples: Migration and commuting patterns

  • Lab session by Michael Tiefelsdorf and Irene Casas

Spatial interaction data are explored, an interaction model is specified and calibrated, and the resulting model parameters as well as the model residuals are visualized and analyzed

Space-Time Accessibility
(July 19, Thursday)
  • Lecture by Mei-Po Kwan:

Time Geography: Concepts and measurement of Space-Time individual accessibility

Examples: Access to jobs, urban opportunities, transportation

  • Lab session by Mei-Po Kwan and Irene Casas:

 Creating density surface, measurement and visualization of space-time accessibility

Public Transportation
(July 20, Friday)


  • Lecture by Alan Murray:

Introduction to public transportation - Introduction of location set covering model - Integrating GIS and location set covering model - Policy and implication for social equity

Examples: Public transportation and policy analysis

  • Guest lecture on application by Patricia Reagan, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Ohio State University:

Distance to Hospital and Children’s Access to Care: Is being Closer Better, and for Whom?

  • Lab session by Alan Murray and Irene Casas:

Evaluate access, integrated location model in ArcView, interpretation of results


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