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Globalization in the World-System: Mapping Change Over Time - Participants & Papers

Participants & Papers

Note: Abstracts and Papers are listed below. Presentations can be found on the Agenda page.

Appelbaum, Richard, Sociology, UCSB Abstract 7k Paper 138k
Research Interests: globalization of the apparel industry, commodity chains, global industrial relations.

Arrighi, Giovanni, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Institute for Global Studies in Culture, Power and History, Johns Hopkins University. Abstract 7k Paper 65k
Research interests: comparative and historical sociology, world-systems analysis and economic sociology

Bair, Jennifer, Sociology, Yale Abstract 8k Paper 227k
Research Interests: Commodity chains, trade agreements

Bonacich, Edna, Sociology, UCR Abstract 16k
Research Interests: Globalization of the apparel and transportation sectors, labor relations.

Brunn, Stanley, Geography, University of Kentucky

Carroll, William, Sociology, University of Victoria (BC) Abstract 9k Paper 117k
Research Interests: global elite networks, policy networks.

Centeno, Miguel, Sociology, Princeton University Abstract 7k Paper 240k
Research Interests: Network analysis and mapping of globalization processes, geopolitics in Latin America.

Chase-Dunn, Christopher, Sociology, UCR; founder and director of the Institute for Research on World Systems (IROWS). Abstract 8k
Research interests: cities and settlement systems; comparing the modern world-system with earlier regional systems, founder and co-editor of the electronic Journal of World-Systems Research.

Couclelis, Helen, Geography, UCSB
Research Interests: Urban and regional modeling and planning, spatial cognition, geographic information science, geography of the information society.

Goodchild, Michael, Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara and Director of the Center for the Spatially Integrated Social Sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Research Interests: Urban and economic geography, geographic information systems, and spatial analysis.

Hanneman, Robert, Sociology, UCR
Research Interests: Network analysis of economic sectors, mathematical modeling the growth and decline of states.

Hugill, Peter, George Bush School of Government, Texas A&M Abstract 8k Paper 240k
Research interests: historical relationship between people and their environment as mediated through technology; role of transportation systems and telecommunications in the World-System; geopolitical models; role played by agricultural commodities in defining world trade flows, industrial development, and consumer markets; Anglo-America and its relationships to Europe; transition from British to American hegemony in the World-System

Janelle, Don, Geography, UC Santa Barbara
Research Interests: space-adjusting technologies: integrating information, communications, and transportation.

Kentor, Jeffrey, Sociology, University of Utah Abstract 7k Paper 59k
Research Interests: transnational corporations, interlocking directorates, global networks, cross-national comparative analysis.

Malecki, Edward, Geography, Ohio State University

Miller, Harvey J, Geography, University of Utah

Reifer, Thomas E, Sociology and IROWS, UCR
Research interests: hegemony, globalization, and anti-systemic movements; comparative and world-historical sociology; social change, stratification, and inequality; sociology of development and globalization; international political economy

Sassen, Saskia, Ralph Lewis Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago
Research interests: recent five-year project on governance and accountability in a global economy (next book: Denationalization : Economy and Polity in a Global Digital Age, Princeton University Press, 2003). Major figure in the study of global cities. Co-director of the Economy Section of the Global Chicago Project, a Member of the National Academy of Sciences Panel on Urban Data Sets, a Member of the Council of Foreign Relations, and Chair of the newly formed Information Technology, International Cooperation and Global Security Committee of the SSRC.

Silver, Beverly J, Sociology, Johns Hopkins University Abstract 8k Paper 68k
Research interests: problems of development, labor and social conflict, using comparative and world-historical methods of analysis. Her work recasts a variety of social issues in a broad spatial and temporal framework in order to identify patterns of recurrence, evolution and "true novelty" in contemporary processes of globalization. Forthcoming book: Forces of Labor: Workers’ Movements and Globalization Since 1870 (Cambridge University Press, in press).

Smith, David, Sociology, UCI. Immediate past editor of Social Problems Abstract 8k
Research interests: international trade and exchange in the world-economy (and it's implications for economic growth and development; global industrialization and commodity chains, especially in the Pacific Rim region, and particularly apparel and garment manufacturing; the dynamics of technological dependence and technology transfer in East Asia; Third World cities and development; global urbanization and world cities. Network analysis of global trading patterns, focusing on stratification in the world system; the analysis of air traffic flows as indicators of urban hierarchies.

Su, Tieting, Sociology, Cal-State Los Angeles
Research interests: world trade network analysis; world-systems; world trading blocks; long cycles, rise and fall of hegemony in East Asia.

Sweeney, Stuart, Geography, UCSB, CSISS Executive Committee
Research Interests: spatial statistics, urban geography

Weeks, John R, Geography, CSU-San Diego
Research Interests: Demography, health, environment, remote sensing of urban regions.

White, Douglas R, Social Science, University of California, Irvine
Research Interests: Network Analysis, World Trade structures.

Wilkinson, David, Political Science, UCLA Abstract 7k Paper 652k
Research Interests: chronographing political military interactions, power configurations and prestige good trade networks over the past 5000 years.

Yu, Zhiqian, Software Engineer, ESRI, Redlands Abstract 7k
Research Interests: GIS and Remote Sensing techniques for studying land use and climate change.

Zook, Matthew, Geography, University of Kentucky Paper 385k


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