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CAM Files

Cam files contributed by MicroCAM users.

NOTE: The CAM files that were previously on this page [04/05/99] have been incorporated into the latest version of MicroCAM. 06/14/1999

Updated (04/07/1999). Capitals of Independent States; Sources: US State Department and NIMA GNS Database
Capitals of Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty (04/08/1999); Sources: US State Department, NIMA GNS Database, and USGS GNIS
Great Circle Route - Comparison of Gnomonic and Mercator; A practical navigation example.
Azimuthal Equal-area projection in 2 hemispheres.
Azimuthal Equidistant projection in 12 Gores.
Homolographic (or Mollweide) projection interrupted for ocean unities - J. Paul Goode.
Mollweide (or Homolographic) projection in 8 Gores.
Azimuthal Equal-area projection in land and ocean hemispheres.
Overlay of the Robinson and Winkel Tripel map projections.

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