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Mapping Data

Data files contributed by MicroCAM users.
Closed polygon U.S. county boundaries in .GRF format.
Closed polygon U.S. State boundaries in .GRF format.
Closed polygon, updated political boundaries (1995) version of the MWDB II used by MicroCAM (.PNT format). This dataset is also available in ASCII form for use with systems other than Microsoft Windows. Contact Co-webmaster Paul B. Anderson for access.
Nunavut Territory, Canada - boundary data in .CAM files (experiment! NOT its final form).  [10/24/1999]
World Tectonic Plates in PNT format.  [10/24/1999]
World Oceanic Fracture Zones and Magnetic Lineations (PNT format).
Tissot indicatrix, 5 Deg. radius, 30 Deg. increments in .GRF format. NOTE: This file is also included with the latest versions of MicroCAM in PNT format.
Program that Computes the Representative Fraction Necessary to scale a map to a user specified page size
(Includes VB 3 Source & EXE).

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