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 Agenda for the Accessibility Workshop

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Detailed Schedule
Day      Contents
(July 22, Monday)
  • Lecture by Donald Janelle and Mei-Po Kwan:

Concepts and measures of accessibility: Integrating GIS into accessibility studies

  • Guest lecture by James Moody, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, The Ohio State University
  • Lab session by Hyun-Mi Kim and Tim Matisziw:

Introduction to ArcGIS

Introduction to Maptitude

Network Access
(July 23, Tuesday)
  • Lecture by Morton O’Kelly:

Planar Access - Network Access

Examples: Population trends, periodic market, link and nodal accessibility, paths, social networks, Internet connectivity

  • Guest lecture by Stephen Matthews, Director, Geographic Information Analysis Core Population Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University
  • Lab session by Morton O'Kelly and Tim Matisziw:

Distance measurement, network connections, and mapping network nodes

Spatial Interaction Modeling
(July 24, Wednesday)
  • Lecture  by Michael Tiefelsdorf:

Spatial interaction and temporal patterns: Statistical estimation and incorporation of GIS

Examples: Migration and commuting patterns

  • Lab session by Michael Tiefelsdorf and Tim Matisziw:

Spatial interaction data are explored, an interaction model is specified and calibrated, and the resulting model parameters as well as the model residuals are visualized and analyzed

Space-Time Accessibility
(July 25, Thursday)
  • Lecture by Mei-Po Kwan:

Time Geography: Concepts and measurement of Space-Time individual accessibility

Examples: Access to jobs, urban opportunities, transportation

  • Guest lecture by Joe Weber, Assistant Professor,  University of Alabama.

  • Lab session by Mei-Po Kwan, Robert Forrest and Hyun-Mi Kim:

Creating density surface, measurement and visualization of space-time accessibility

Public Transportation
(July 26, Friday)


  • Lecture by Alan Murray:

Introduction to public transportation - Introduction of location set covering model - Integrating GIS and location set covering model - Policy and implication for social equity

Examples: Public transportation and policy analysis

  • Guest lecture  by Irene Casas, Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo

  • Lab session by Alan Murray, Robert Forrest and Hyun-Mi Kim:

Evaluate access, integrated location model in ArcGIS, interpretation of results


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