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 Agenda for Spatial Analysis in Social Research

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Organization and Agenda

The Ann Arbor Workshop will be organized around three main themes. Most of the first day will be devoted to a series of advanced lectures (with software demonstrations and ample time for questions and discussion) on four major topics: GIS and spatial analysis; geovisualization; ESDA and spatial regression; and geostatistics and spatial hierarchical modeling.

The focus in the second day is on the diverse perspectives on spatial analysis and the role for spatial analysis in social science research represented by the participants. Each participant will be expected to make a short (10 minute) presentation reflecting on their perspectives in this regard. This short presentation may be a summary of your current research, some general thoughts about spatial analysis, some questions for future discussion, etc. A short abstract describing each participant's viewpoint is posted on this web site under Participants & Statements.

In the afternoon of the second day, we will try to summarize the various ideas and formulate a concrete action agenda. In addition, there will be considerable time devoted to a presentation of the CSISS software tools program as well as opportunities for participants to demonstrate software and/or data sets.

Finally, the Sunday morning session will be devoted to outlining specific action items in terms of the planned edited volume, a collaborative "example" data analysis of a major social science data set/research question and initial planning of next year's second round.

Tentative Agenda

Thursday, May 17, 7pm. Welcoming Reception


Friday, May 18




Hank Heitowit, Welcome
Luc Anselin, Objectives and Introductions
coffee break
Mark Gahegan, Geovisualization

lunch (catered)

Michael Goodchild, GIS and Spatial Analysis
Luc Anselin, ESDA and Spatial Regression
Carol Crawford, Geostatistics and Spatial Hierarchical Modeling


Saturday, May 19





Participants' View on Spatial Analysis (1)
coffee break
Participants' View on Spatial Analysis (2)

lunch (catered)

CSISS Software Tools (Luc Anselin) and Software Demonstrations (participants)
Assessment (substantive potential, methodological challenges, dissemination, training)


Sunday, May 20


Future Directions (edited volume, research challenge, data issues, initial planning of second round of workshop).


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