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 Travel and Accommodations

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Accommodations at the San Rafael Guest House
All accommodations are arranged in the San Rafael Guest House (University residence hall). All accommodation reservations are to made by CSISS personnel unless you choose accommodations other than those listed below. You have two options for accommodations in San Rafael:

  • private room within a suite in San Rafael Guest House (campus dorm): $50/night , $300 for 6 nights, or
  • shared room (one roommate) within a suite in San Rafael Guest House (campus dorm): $30/night, $180 for 6 nights

CSISS will pay for the cost of your lodging via UCSB invoice, so you will not have to remit payment to UCSB for this fee. However, your lodging costs will be deducted from your $500 scholarship. So it's your choice!

In the summer of 2001, the UCSB's San Rafael Residence Hall (dormitory) will provide short-term "no frills" lodging for guests conducting university business. University business includes attendance at conferences, seminars or workshops sponsored by a University department. This seven-story tower building is located on the edge of campus bordering the student community of Isla Vista. Rooms have two twin beds each and are provided with fresh linen and towels. The rooms are grouped into suites with bathrooms shared amongst two to four rooms, housing two to eight guests. There is a comfortable living area that connects the rooms in each suite. Please note that the University is building a new residence hall next to this facility. Construction noise may be an issue between the hours of 7:30 am - 5 pm.

SMOKING is NOT allowed in any University building. UCSB has a mandated no-smoking policy with the exception of designated outdoor patio areas.

There are no dining facilities within the building. However, the University Center has several food facilities and the student community of Isla Vista has many small restaurants and eateries.

Length of Stay
Reservations may not exceed seven (7) nights.

Room Rates
Private room: $50/night/person , $300 for 6 nights
Shared room (one roommate): $30/night/person, $180 for 6 nights

Check In & Check Out
Check In is 4:00 p.m. & Check Out is 11:00 a.m. The front desk is staffed on a 24-hour basis and will take telephone messages and post these messages on the Information Board located in the lobby.

Parking on campus is by permit only. Permits are available at the front desk and fees are $5 daily. If you are driving onto campus in your private or rental vehicle, please identify yourself at the University gate as a resident of San Rafael Guest House and you will receive a one-hour temporary permit. You may purchase a permit for the duration of your stay at the Front Desk of San Rafael Hall. Payment for permits is by Visa, MasterCard or American Express only.

What To Bring
With shared bath facilities it is recommended that you bring a bathrobe and shower shoes. We are unable to provide "wake-up service" and therefore an alarm clock is also recommended. You may bring your own phone instrument (with cord) in order to utilize the restricted phone service available in each room. Restricted service will allow residents to receive incoming calls (but no collect calls), to make outgoing collect calls, and to make local calls and calls to other campus phones. By using a telephone calling card or credit card, residents may also make long distance calls. The front desk has a small number of telephone instruments which you may check out for short periods.

The University will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items. All dorm rooms should be secured each time you leave the room.

No pets are allowed.

Travel Information

By Air
Most people traveling by air will initially land at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), about 2.5 hours away from Santa Barbara. From there, you have the option to either fly to Santa Barbara, travel to Santa Barbara via the Santa Barbara Airbus or rent a car and drive to Santa Barbara.

Flying into Santa Barbara:
The campus is a ten-minute drive from the airport. There are usually taxi cabs at the airport or you may wish to try the recommended SuperRide Shuttle, (805) 683-9636, which offers a local rate ranging from $5 to $8 per person (usually large white van, big blue lettering "SuperRide" on sides and top). Check at the airport first before calling -- and there is a direct-line courtesy phone in the baggage
claim area.

The Santa Barbara Airbus
Provides several daily bus trips from the Los Angeles International Airport to Santa Barbara; Phone: US/Canada (800) 423-1618; (805) 964-7759 for those calling outside the US/Canada area, or Fax: (805) 683-0307. You may also book your reservations for the Airbus on line using . There are discounts for advance reservations and for parties of two or more as well. Reservations are strongly recommended. The Santa Barbara Airbus has agreed to provide drop-off and pick-up service to and from LAX and the campus residence halls when there are at least five passengers going to these stops. Otherwise their closest drop off site is in Goleta and you will need to call for a taxi or SuperRide Shuttle to get from there to campus.

Personal/Rental Vehicle
UCSB is easily accessible from US 101. From the South, take the UCSB/Highway 217 exit and ask for directions at the gate to San Rafael Guest House. From the North, take the Storke Road/UCSB exit and drive south (toward the ocean) to a "T" junction with El Colegio Road. Turn left onto El Colegio Road and ask for directions at the University gate. Remember to purchase a parking permit from the front desk.

By Train
Santa Barbara is served by Amtrak Train Service. Amtrak terminals are located in Santa Barbara (12-15 miles from campus) and Goleta (5 miles from campus). From there, you may reach the campus by SuperRide Shuttle or taxi only.

Special Needs
UCSB Campus Conference Services will fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you will be attending the workshop and require special assistance, please mark this on your Personal Data Form in the appropriate space. We need to know this in advance, so we may make every attempt possible to accommodate your special need.

Thank you. Have a good week!
LaNell Lucius, CSISS Administrator




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