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Institution: Clark University
Principal Investigators: Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr

Description: Geomod is a land change model that simulates a one way change from one category to one other category as time progresses. Geomod allows independence between the prediction of the quantity of land categories and the prediction location of land categories. Geomod is fully incorporated into the GIS software Idrisi, therefore it encourages appropriate validation and uncertainty analysis. See the related publications for guidance on validation and uncertainty analysis.

Related Publications: R G Pontius Jr, J Cornell and C Hall. 2001. Modeling the spatial pattern of land-use change with GEOMOD2: application and validation for Costa Rica. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 85(1-3) p. 191-203. R G Pontius Jr. 2002. Statistical methods to partition effects of quantity and location during comparison of categorical maps at multiple resolutions. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing 68(10) p. 1041-1049. R G Pontius Jr, A Agrawal and D Huffaker. 2003. Estimating the uncertainty of land-cover extrapolations while constructing a raster map from tabular data. Journal of Geographical Systems 5(3) p. 253-273.

Software Used: Idrisi

Contact: Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr

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