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SAMBA-GIS: a combination of role-plays, multi-agent simulations and geographic information systems for participatory analysis of land use changes in northern Vietnam mountains
Institution: Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (France) International Rice Research Institute (Philippines) Vietnam Agricultural Science Institute (Vietnam) Wageningen University (The Netherlands)
Principal Investigators: Jean-Christophe Castella Tran Ngoc Trung Stanislas Boissau

Description: In the northern mountains of Viet Nam, the rapid changes that accompanied the "doi moi" reforms combined with a tremendous diversity of natural and social environments has led to a very complex picture that challenges traditional approaches to land use systems. Since 1999, the SAM-Regional Program has designed and tested in Bac Kan Province a new method to analyze agrarian dynamics. It is based on a participatory analysis of farm household decision-making process that is gradually generalized to the village community, and then to district and provincial levels. This up-scaling approach is made possible by the coupling of complementary research tools: production systems analysis, multi-agents modeling, role-plays, and geographic information systems (GIS). More>>

Related Publications: Bousquet F., Barreteau O., d’Aquino P., Etienne M., Boissau S., Aubert S., Le Page C., Babin D., Castella J.C. (2002) Multi-agent systems and role games: an approach for ecosystem co-management. In: Janssen M. (eds) Complexity and Ecosystem Management: The Theory and Practice of Multi-agent Approaches. Edward Elgar Publishers. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA. 248-285. Boissau S., Castella JC. (2003) Constructing a common representation of local institutions and land use systems through simulation-gaming and multi-agent modeling in rural areas of Northern Vietnam: the SAMBA-Week methodology. Simulations & Gaming, 34(3): 342-347. Castella J.C., Boissau S., Hoang Lan Anh (2003) Enhancing communities’ adaptability to a rapidly changing environment in Vietnam uplands: the SAMBA role-play. In: Serrano R.C., Aggangan R.T. (eds.) Sustaining Upland Development in Southeast Asia: Issues, Tools & Institutions for Local Natural Resource Management. PCARRD, Los Banos, Philippines. 203 - 236. Boissau S., Hoang Lan Anh, Castella J.C. (2004) The SAMBA role play game in northern Vietnam. An innovative approach to participatory natural resource management. Mountain Research and Development, 24(2): 101-105. Castella J.C., Dang Dinh Quang, Thévenot P. (2004) Toward new modes of governance of the research-development continuum to facilitate the dissemination of agricultural innovations in a mountainous province of northern Vietnam. International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology, 3(1/2): 77-94.

Software Used: CORMAS

Contact: Jean-Christophe Castella

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