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Institution: University of Utah,
Principal Investigators: Paul M. Torrens

Description: The purpose of the SprawlSim project is twofold. First, to develop a virtual laboratory for testing ideas about the causes, consequences, characteristics, and potential controls of suburban sprawl in American cities. Second, to develop innovative spatial simulation technology, focused on automata-based techniques (cellular automata, multi-agent systems) in patently spatial frameworks. More>>

Expected Outputs: Decision support tools for exploring sprawl, a set of indicators for identifying and measuring suburban sprawl, re-usable Geographic Automata Systems.

Related Publications: A large number of papers, reports, presentations, and lectures are available for download here. Methodological details relating to the simulation technology can be found here. Details on funky 3D models can be found at

Software Used: RePast, NetLogo, StarLogo, custom Java, ArcGIS

Contact: Paul M. Torrens

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