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Spatially Explicit Land-use Change Modelling in North-western mountain, Vietnam
Institution: 1. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) 2. Institute of Rural Development, University of Goettingen, Germany 3. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Vietnam
Principal Investigators: Pham Manh Cuong Manfred Zeller
Grant Number: A/01/07529

Description: Land-uses in the noth-western upland region of Vietnam have dramatically changed since the Vietnamese Government has decided to transform its economy from centrally-managed to open market-oriented model in late 1980s. This study aims to (1) provide a better understanding of the LULCC processes and complex interactions between LULCC and driving forces spanning over past two decades, (2) enable Vietnamese decision makers at various levels to timely revise and issue relevant policies to pursue sustainable development in the upland region.

Expected Outputs: Ph.D. dissertation

Software Used: STATA, LIMDEP, ArcGIS, ENVI

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