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Modeling Land Use-Land Cover Dynamics
Institution: Urban Ecology Research Lab Department of Urban Design and Planning University of Washington
Principal Investigators: Marina Alberti John Marzluff Paul Waddell Mark Handcock
Grant Number: Biocomplexity #0120024

Description: Our project aims to develop an integrated strategy to model the urban development and land cover change dynamics in the Central Puget Sound Region. We aim to develop a model of urban development and land cover change that can interface with a large set of ecosystem processes. We focus on linking urban development and land cover change to bird diversity as a test case for our modeling approach. The work will employ Bayesian networks and a multi-agent microsimulation approach. More>>

Expected Outputs: Land cover change model for Puget Sound, Washington and a series of Journal Articles and Conference Presentations

Related Publications: Alberti, M. 1999. Modeling the Urban Ecosystem: A Conceptual Framework. Environment and Planning B. 26:605-630. Alberti, M. and P. Waddell. 2000. An Integrated Urban Development and Ecological Simulation Model. Integrated Assessment.. 1:215-227.

Software Used: ArcGIS, ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, S-Plus, Limdep, UrbanSim

Contact: Marina Alberti

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