MAS/LUCC Resource Page: Research Project Details

Institution: Univertsity of Washington
Principal Investigators: Marina Alberti Alan Borning Batya Friedman Mark Gross Mark Handcock John Marzluff David Notkin Zoran Popovic Paul Waddell
Grant Number: NSF Information Technology Research; NSF Digital Government; NSF Biocomplexity

Description: UrbanSim is a dynamic microsimulation model of household and firm location, real estate development, and the influence of transportation and other infrastructure and land policies. It is now adding model components to model land cover change, water and energy demand,. More>>

Expected Outputs: Results include a seriers of publications, and operational models in use in a variety of metropolitan areas.

Related Publications: See papers listed on the web site.

Software Used: Open Source simulation architecture in Java, MySQL, OpenMap, R, ArcGIS

Contact: Paul Waddell


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