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SLUDGE: Simulated land-use dependent on edge-effect externalities
Institution: Department of Geograpy, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, and the Center for Social Complexity, George Mason University

Description: I use an agent-based celluar automaton model to investigate links between distance-dependent (edge-effect) spatial externalities, transportation costs, and emergent landscape patterns. More>>

Related Publications: Parker, D. C. 1999. Landscape Outcomes in a Model of Edge-Effect Externalities: A Computational Economics Approach. Santa Fe, NM: Santa Fe Institute Publication 99-07-051. Parker, D.C. 2000. Edge-effect externalities: Theoretical and empirical implications of spatial heterogeneity. Ph D. diss. University of California at Davis, Davis, CA Parker, D. C., and V. Meretsky. 2004. Measuring Pattern Outcomes in an Agent-Based Model of Edge-Effect Externalities Using Spatial Metrics. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 101: 233-250. Parker, D. C., and R. I. Najlis. 2003. Using multi-agent system models to link spatial externalities and landscape fragmentation: A `pseudo-inductive' analysis. Paper presented in the Framing Land Use Dynamics, April 16-18, Utrecht University, Netherlands. .

Software Used: Java/RePast implementation

Contact: Dawn Parker


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