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Agent-based Simulation of Sutainable Resource Use in Agriculture and Forestry
Institution: Center for Development Reserach University of Bonn
Principal Investigators: Thomas Berger
Grant Number: Robert Bosch Foundation #32.5.8041.007.0

Description: This project bundles several research activities of the MAS research group at ZEF-Bonn. We are developing an agent-based simulation package consisting of: (1) Guidelines for defining research questions and designing model components; (2) Methods for empirical data collection and processing; (3) Simulation software including tools for linking desktop computers to perform simulation experiments; (4) Guidelines for planning the simulation experiments; (5) Methods for validating the simulation results; (6) Mediation of results; (7) Development of teaching modules.

Software Used: Integrated MAS / CA C++ model

Contact: Thomas Berger

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