Feature Drawing


Draw a symbol at a given latitude/longitude.

6 to 10 parameters:

  1. Center point latitude (Degree portion)
  2. Center point latitude (Minute portion)
  3. Center point latitude (Seconds portion)
  4. Center point longitude (Degree portion)
  5. Center point longitude (Minute portion)
  6. Center point longitude (Seconds portion)
  7. [Optional] Height of symbol (inches)
  8. [Optional] Rotation angle of symbol (degs)
  9. [Optional] Symbol number
  10. [Optional] Fill pattern

Standard Symbols


WingDing Symbols


MicroCAM fill patterns and codes

fill pattern

If parameters 6 to 10 are omitted, the last height, rotation, symbol number and fill pattern specified with SYMBOL or SYMBOLXY are used; the initial default is an unfilled 0.125" triangle (symbol 3).

Example 1:

SYMBOL 43,5,,-89,23,,.2,0,7
Draws a 0.2" high star at Madison, Wisconsin.

Example 2:

SYMBOL 43,5,,-89,23,,.3,0,-74
Draws a 0.3" high happy face at Madison, Wisconsin.