Feature Drawing


Draw a graduated circle around a given latitude/ longitude.

7 to 9 parameters:

  1. Latitude of center (Degree portion)
  2. Latitude of center (Minute portion)
  3. Latitude of center (Seconds portion)
  4. Longitude of center (Degree portion)
  5. Longitude of center (Minute portion)
  6. Longitude of center (Seconds portion)
  7. Numerical value for circle feature
  8. [Optional] Radius for this feature (in., used to calibrate)
  9. [Optional] Control parameter (Values 0 or 1)

The first GRDCIR (or GRDCIRXY) command must include parameters 8 & 9; this establishes the scaling for subsequent graduated circles.


GRDCIR 43,5,,-89,23,,170616,.5,1
Draws a graduated circle 0.5" in radius at 43°5'N, 89° 23'W (Madison, Wisconsin); this circle represents the 1980 population of 170,616 and is used to establish the psychological scaling of subsequent graduated circles.