Feature Drawing


Draw a circle around a given latitude/longitude.
Uses 8 to 10 comma-delimited parameters.
CIRCLE 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8[,9,10]

The CIRCLE command has these parts:

Parameter Description
1 Center point latitude (ąDD portion)
2 Center point latitude (MM portion)
3 Center point latitude (SS portion)
4 Center point longitude (ąDDD portion)
5 Center point longitude (MM portion)
6 Center point longitude (SS portion)
7 Radius of circle (in.)
8 Degree increment used to compute circle (degs)
9 [Optional]
a. Fill pattern if NO parameter 10
b. Parameter 10 tick mark control:
    • 0 = No ticks
    • > 0 = Tick marks every field 9°
10 [Optional] Length of tick marks (in.)
MicroCAM fill patterns and codes


An empty numeric parameter field = 0.

PEN color used to draw circle must be 1 for fill pattern to work. Also, the fill pattern stops at solid lines.

CIRCLE 45,,,90,,,2.,1,30,.1
Draws a 2" radius circle centered on 45°N, 90°E with 0.1" long tick marks at 30° intervals around the circumference.