Mapping Parameter


Set the axes of the ellipsoid.
Variation 1 uses 1 parameter.
Variation 2 uses 2 comma-delimited parameters.

AXIS 1[,2]

The AXIS command has these parts:

If 1 parameter used

Parameter Description
1 Radius of sphere of reference
(meters or NM)
If 2 parameters used
Parameter Description
1 Semimajor axis
(meters; if 0, Clarke 1866 is used)
2 Semiminor axis
(meters; if 0, sphere is assumed)
An empty numeric parameter field = 0.
Example, Variation 1
AXIS 3750
Sets radius of reference sphere to 3750 nautical miles (any entry < 4000 is interpreted as nautical miles) instead of the default of 3437.9768 miles.

Example, Variation 2
AXIS 6378206.4,6356583.8
Sets the semimajor axis to 6378206.4 meters, and the semiminor axis to 6356583.8 meters