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  Papers in Spatially Integrated Social Science
Photo by Susan BaumgartToward Spatially Integrated Social Science, by Michael F. Goodchild, Luc Anselin, Richard P. Appelbaum, and Barbara Herr Harthorn
A published paper outlining the motivation for a spatial approach in the social and behavioral sciences. The authors review the emerging interest in space and place in the recent social science literature and develop a vision for spatially integrated social science. First published in the International Regional Science Review 23,2 pp.139-159, copyright © by Sage Publications. Reprinted by Permission of Sage Publications.
PDF, 262 Kb

Spatial Econometrics, by Luc Anselin
A working paper on the use of spatial interactions and spatial structure in regression analysis.
PDF, 212 Kb

New Horizons for the Social Sciences: Geographic Information Systems by Michael F. Goodchild

The use of GIS has now spread very widely among the sciences, and it is now an accepted tool among all of the disciplines that deal with the surface of the Earth and its human population. This paper discusses the concept of Digital Earth, and its possible value as a motivating force.
PDF, 36 Kb

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