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NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIScience

0. What is GIS? (002), Michael Goodchild

1. Fundamental Geographic Concepts for GIScience (004)

2. Implementing Geographic Concepts in GISystems (035)

3. Geographic Information Technology in Society (135), Robert Maher
    3.1. Making it work (136), Hugh Calkins and others
    • needs assessment; conceptual design of the GIS; survey of available data; evaluating hardware and software; database planning and design; database construction; pilot studies and benchmark tests; acquisition of GIS hardware and software; GIS system integration; GIS application development; GIS use and maintenance
    3.2. Supplying the data (143) 3.3. The social context(149)
    • digital democracy; geographic information in decision making; human resources and education; ethics of GIS use
    3.4. The industry (154)
    • history and trends; current products and services; careers in GIS
    3.5. Teaching GIS (158), David Unwin

4. Application areas and case studies (161)

    4.1. Land Information Systems and Cadastral Applications (164), Steve Ventura
    4.2. Precision Agriculture (194), links to material by
      also: facilities management; network applications; emergency response and E911; recreation, resource management (agriculture, forestry), urban planning and management, environmental health, environmental modeling, emergency management, studying and learning geography, business and marketing (real estate)


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