Spatial Economics -- Measures of Development

I.  What is Economic Development?
   A.  Material well-being--what you own
   B.  Quality of life
   C.  Terminology
   D.  Spatial elements and explanations
II.  Economic Measures of Development
   A.  GDP--Gross Domestic Product
   B.  Per Capita Income
   C.  Infrastructure (a leading indicator--World Bank funds projects that provide infrastructure to developing countries)
   D.  Location on the production chain/Resource inputs to production
       1.  Developed countries--high technology products or highly mechanized products
       2.  Developing countries--primary activities, more agriculturally based
   E.  Purchasing Power Parity--adjusts income for regional variation in inflation and prices
III.  Non-Economic Measures of Development
   A.  Political System/Political Unrest
   B.  Education Levels
   C.  Infrastructure
   D. Health and Nutrition
IV.  Core/Periphery Model of Development
   A.  Very much tied to colonialism--colonialism set up certain political and economic structures that perisit through time
   B.  Cities tied to their hinterlands
   C.  Haves vs. the Have-nots: system will probably stay this way
   D.  Growth Poles
       1.  Spread and Backwash effects
       2.  Circular and Cumulative causation
V.  Video--Cocoa Bean Farming on the Ivory Coast