Spatial Economics -- Industrial Location

I.  Why is Industrial Location Important?   
   A.  Faber--where should you locate your company?
           --find and optimal site based on market, resources, and transportation costs
     B. Many cities in the Midwest do battle to get companies to  locate there, but end up making so many promises that it does not benefit the local economy that much
        --i.e. Military bases
   C.  Weber--Least cost theory of Location
       1.  Where are the resources?  Where is the labor?  How expensive is transportation?
       2.  Agglomeration--mutually beneficial to locate similar industry in one area--infrastructure is already available
       3.  Graphic
II.  Revenue Surface vs. Cost Surface
III.  Income and Unemployment
   A.  Certain distress measures determine government funding for development (relate to outmigration /population loss)
   B.  People don't necassarily adjust--certain pockets of the U.S. don't adjust to indicators