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Spatial Analysis and Spatial Models


These lecture outlines were prepared under the direction of Dr. Stuart Sweeney, an assistant professor of geography at UCSB and member of the CSISS executive committee. These materials emphasize the roles that spatial analysis and spatial models have in social science.

The preparation of these materials was funded by a National Science Foundation Grant to UCSB's Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype (ADEPT).

Use Guidelines

Use of these materials in educational settings is conditional upon attribution to Dr. Sweeney, CSISS, and ADEPT as well as any other party whose material has been used and attributed herein.. Commercial use is prohibited.

Each lecture may have associated images, slides, animations, spreadsheets, and supplementary material. Where present, this material is linked to the main document.


The Origins of Spatial Thought

Fundamental Concepts: the Spatial Perspective

Culture and Cultural Landscapes

Human / Environment Interaction

Human / Environment Interaction -- Definitions

Human / Environment Interaction -- The Lithosphere

Human / Environment Interaction -- Water and Waste

Human / Environment Interaction -- Current Events and Climate Change

Human Settlements

Human Settlements -- The History of Urbanization

Human Settlements -- Central Place Theory

Human Settlements -- Von Thunen and Urbanization in the 90's

Human Settlements -- Primate Cities and Modern Western Cities

Human Settlements -- The Modern City

Spatial Economics

Spatial Economics -- Growth Poles and Theories of Growth

Spatial Economics -- Industrial Location

Spatial Economics -- Measures of Development

Spatial Demography

Spatial Demography -- Population Patterns

Spatial Demography -- Global Patterns

Spatial Demography -- Disease Types and Models

Spatial Demography -- Disease Control Strategies

Spatial Demography -- Migration

Spatial Demography -- Population Problems and Prospects

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