Human Settlements -- Primate Cities/Modern Western Cities

I. Sjoberg's Preindustrial Cities
   A.  Folk-Preliterate
   B.  Feudal:  Modest houses and unpaved streets
   C.  Preindustrial: Religion and Government are at the core
   D.  Urban-Industrial cities have an economic core, i.e. New York and Wall Street
   E.  Cities are reflective of Societal Development--cities inculcate culture
II.  Primate Cities
   A.  Dominant City in a settlement system
   B.  Disproportionately large and exceptionally expressive of national capacity and feeling
   C.  Agricultural Dominance
   D.  Colonial Rule:
       1.  Poor countries with distant colonial past
       2.  Most production is for export (past of exporting goods from colonies to colonizing nations)
III.  Sao Paulo Video
IV.  Rank Size Rule
   A.  Especially prevalent in the developing world
   B.  Examples (?)
V.  Modern Western Cities
   A.  Evolution
       1.  Medieval Cities
       2.  Mercantile Cities: commercial nodes, trading companies, and merchants
   B.  Manufacturing Cities
       1.  Origin in the British midlands "black towns" or coal towns
       2.  Unregulated jumbles of activities--no sanitation or waste disposal
       3.  Slums--poor sanitation, inadequate water, child labor