Human Environment Interactions--Introduction and Definitions

I.  Tying it all together
   A.  Progress has its environmental implications
   B.  Disease from Tropical Rainforests related to population and economics
   C.  Encroachment (especially in the Rainforest) related to populations and economics
   D.  Migration--Dust Bowl (environmental event) precipitates a human event
   E.  Consumerism
II.  Human-Environment Interactions
   --Conceptual Framework, both the physical and cultural landscapes affect each other
III.  Definitions:
   A.  Culture: Economic and agricultura systems (urbanization)
   B.  Physical: deforestation, global warming, soil erosion, water pollution, fish kills etc.
       --Japan and whale hunting--cultural tastes lead to environmental problems
   C.  Environment:  totality of all things that in any way affect an organism
       1.  Biosphere: thin film of air, water, and soil that maintains life
       2.  Atmosphere: air
       3.  Hydrosphere: surface and sub-surface water supply
       4.  Lithosphere:  upper range of the earth's crust