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ARGUS - Activities and Readings in the Geography of the United States

ARGUS is a collection of learning materials introducing the spatial perspective, produced by the Association of American Geographers (AAG). The collection includes an interactive CD-ROM, class activities, and supplemental material including transparencies, questions and answers, and bibliographic references. The materials are organized into following broad categories:

  • Spatial Themes: Places, Regions, and Geographical Questions
  • Population: Patterns of Settlement and Population Movement
  • Economics: Patterns of Production, Consumption, and Trade
  • Politics: Patterns Associated with Constitutional Government
  • Environmental Issues: Resources and Risks

While the materials are targeted at a High School-level audience, they may be a good brief introductory resource for CSISS visitors and colleagues. On this page we present excerpts of the interactive CD-ROM materials. For information on ordering the full CD-ROM contents of ARGUS, contact the ARGUS PROGRAM, c/o Osa Brand, Director of Educational Affairs, AAG.

ARGUS Interactive Activities
These materials require the Macromedia Shockwave browser plug-in.


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