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 Externalities Travel and Accommodations

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Funds are available to cover reasonable travel and accommodation expenses for participants. CSISS will reimburse you after the workshop via travel expense voucher. Participants must make their own travel arrangements.

All available positions for participating in this Specialist Meeting have been assigned. No additional participant openings are available.

Rules and Regulations | Travel Dates | Accommodations

Travel Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are important. Any deviations without prior approval may result in our inability to reimburse workshop participants.

  • NSF rules require all workshop participants to travel by U.S. carrier (coach class) except in unusual circumstances.

  • The University of California rules require that foreign participants show evidence of appropriate visa status while in the US. A copy of your passport and I-94 is required prior to your departure from California. If applicable, additional information regarding these visa guidelines will be sent to you shortly.

Please contact LaNell Lucius if you have any specific questions regarding these Rules and Regulations.


Travel Dates

Participants should arrange to arrive on the afternoon of Thursday, 11 January. Departure should be planned for the morning of Sunday, 14 January.

The Santa Barbara airport (SBA) is served by United Airlines, American Airlines, and other airlines have connecting services.

Note: The Externalities meeting will begin with an introduction of CSISS goals and social hour on Thursday evening.



The Externalities Meeting will be held on site at The Upham Hotel.

The Upham Hotel
1404 De La Vina St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

A block of rooms at the Upham Hotel has been allocated for this meeting. When making your reservations, please refer to the "CSISS Externalities meeting". This will ensure participants receive the discounted room rates. Participants will be asked to pay for the room prior to departure. CSISS will reimburse you after the workshop.



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