GIS Cookbook: Recipe - Selecting From Geocoded Addresses  
Keywords: Geocoding, query, query builder, select from set, new set, add to set
Category: Geocoding
Software: ArcView 3.2

Problem: I have geocoded a table of addresses (see recipe Geocoding a database of addresses), how can I select all of the restaurants?

Description: After a table of addresses has been geocoded, often times the user needs to attribute table would be very time consuming.

After geocoding a list of address of local commercial buildings, a city planner would like to locate all the restaurants in the area. This recipe will show users how to build a query using the Query Builder. This recipe will also allow users to learn the difference between the Add to Set, Select from Set, and New Set options within the Query Builder.

1) A list of addresses that have been geocoded may look similar to the picture below, taking the example from the recipe Geocoding a database of addresses.

Click the button to use the Query Builder.

2) Highlight the attribute table.

NOTE: To learn about what each function is within the Query builder refer to the Help Menu within ArcView 3.2. Click on Help, select Help Topics, select the Index tab, type "query builder".

3) In this example, we would like to query the locations of all the restaurants within the geocoded layer. We will build a simple query to accomplish this task.

To begin, we double-click on the option [Type] in the left hand column; in our example it separates the businesses in our database into various categories. Next, click on the = sign, which will link our business type to a given value. We will select that value from the set of choices in the right-hand column by double-clicking on the word "Restaurant". Spaces will be automatically placed into your query, which appears in the space below the function buttons. Be careful about altering the spaces within your query; you may be surprised by a errors in processing your query. (See Pitfall 1.)

Select Add to set. Your view should now have the locations of all restaurants highlighted in yellow.

4) Suppose now you would like to select all the cafés also. Delete the old query and enter a new query in the same format as used to query the restaurant locations except double click "cafes" instead of "restaurants" .

Your query should look similar to the following:

If you would like to ADD the locations of the cafes to your already highlighted locations of restaurants select the Add to Set button. If you would like to clear the restaurant selections and ONLY have the cafes, select the New Set button.

5) The Select from Set button lets the user query for something within the already highlighted choices. For example, below, the planner has selected all the cafes and restaurants and would like to select within that set, all restaurants and cafes within a certain zip code. The following query displays how to build a query to perform this task.

Now click the Select from Set button. Your results should be narrowed down to only the locations within that zip code zone.

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