GIS Cookbook: Cartographic Design - Adding a North Arrow to your Map Layout 
Keywords: Presentation, layout, north arrow, reference, printing
Category: Cartographic Design
Software: ArcInfo 8

Problem: How do I add a north arrow?

Description: Your map is in the layout window, now you would like to add a north arrow.

1) In your Layout view, select Insert -> North Arrow

Insert the north arrow into your layout

2) The North Arrow Manager window will come up. Choose a style for your north arrow.

North arrow selector window

3) You can change the style of your north arrow by clicking the Properties button.

4) When you have made all your selections click Ok .

5) You north arrow will appear in the center of your map layout.

The result

You can then resize it and drag it to the desired location on your map layout.

Move and resize to your liking

6) You can further change the north arrow by double clicking on it.
Authored by: Benjamin N. Sprague Modified: 9/2/03

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Cookbook: Ben Sprague, Ethan Sundilson, Carlin Wong, Sam Ying