GIS Cookbook: Cartographic Design - Shortcut to preparing your map for presentation (using a template) 
Keywords: Presentation, map, layout, printing
Category: Cartographic Design
Software: ArcInfo 8

Problem: How do I quickly, neatly prepare my data for presentation or printing?

Description: You are satisfied with the data in your Data View window and want to move the map into a layout form for the effective presentation of information.

1) To prepare your data for presentation first make sure that you want to display all the data frame you have in your table of contents.

This is what i want to display.

2) To get to a layout, select View -> Layout View

Getting to the Layout View

3) You layout view will appear with your data frame windows centered in the middle of the layout page.
Layout View

4) To use a templated layout , click on the Change Layout Button

Change Layout Button

5) The Select Template Wizard window will appear.

Layout Wizard, Simply follow the instructions

6) Choose the tab and the template you would like for your map. (Note: If you have more then one map in your data frames you can choose to display one or all of them simply follow the prompted instructions.)

7) When you have finished selecting all your preferences, simply click Finish

8) Your map layout will appear with the basic cartographic elements embedded within them.

Enter in the final touches

Some elements will require further detail, such as in the case with text, you will be prompted with text saying Simply double click and add your title or text.

9) If you are unhappy with some of the organization of your map you can click on the object (ie. North Arrow, Legend, Scale Bar) that you would like to move and simply drag it where you would like it.

10) You are now ready to print your map layout. If you wish to personalize your map layout further see the other recipes within the Cartographic Design Section
Authored by: Benjamin N. Sprague Modified: 8/11/03

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Cookbook: Ben Sprague, Ethan Sundilson, Carlin Wong, Sam Ying