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Take the Fuzzy Shower Challenge

This challenge is faced every morning by everyone. It is trying to survive controlling the shower. This task will be used to demonstrate the speed of the FuzzyCLIPS program.

The initial settings for the shower will be randomly selected for you and you can choose to control the shower yourself or have the FuzzyCLIPS program take over. This example will show the advantages of the FuzzyCLIPS expert system.

You will be asked to adjust the shower so that it is under control. The goal is to try and get the shower running in target zone for both temperature and flow. This is accomplished when both of the slider graphical images are displaying green.

The target temperature is between 34 and 38 degrees Celsius and the target flow rate is between 11 and 13 litres/min.

The time taken is measured in the number of adjustments to the hot and cold water taps. One call to adjust the shower counts as one pass. The FuzzyCLIPS program is timed in the same way. One iteration through the inference engine counts as one adjustment or pass. Your goal is to try and beat the FuzzyCLIPS control system. Without further explaination lets go setup the shower.

Good Luck!!!!!