Spatial Pattern Analysis Library
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  Author Title Publication Year Publisher Format ISBN  
Jeroen Charles Joseph Hubert Aerts Spatial Decision Support For Resource Allocation : Integration Of Optimization, Uncertainty Analysis And Visualization Techniques 2002 s.n.] Paperback 9076894132 Details
Michael Ward Ed. Political Geography Vol 21 No 2 Feb 2002 Special Issue: The Development and Appication of Spatial Analysis for Political Methodology 2002 Pergamon Paperback Details
Political Analysis Vol 10 No 3 Summer 2002 Special Issue Spatial Methods in Political Science 2002 Oxford University Press, USA Paperback Details
M.-P. Kwan, D.G. Janelle, & M.F. Goodchild Ed. Journal of Geographical Systems Vol 5 No 1 May 2003 Special Issue - Accessibility in Space and Time 2003 Springer Paperback Details
David Martin Geographic Information Systems: Socioeconomic Applications 1995 Routledge Paperback 9780415125727 Details
David E. Davis GIS For Everyone 2003 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589480568 Details
Winnie Tang; Jan Selwood Spatial Portals: Gateways To Geographic Information 2005 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589481312 Details
Paul Longley; Batty, Michael Advanced Spatial Analysis: The Casa Book Of GIS 2003 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589480735 Details
Clarke, Graham; Stillwell, John C. H Applied GIS And Spatial Analysis 2003 Wiley Hardcover 0470844094 Details
Kim Zanelli English; Laura S. Feaster; Feaster, Laura S Community Geography: Gis In Action 2002 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589480230 Details
A. Stewart Fotheringham; Chris Brunsdon; Martin Charlton Geographically Weighted Regression: The Analysis Of Spatially Varying Relationships 2002 Wiley Hardcover 9780471496168 Details
Maguire, D. J; Batty, Michael; Goodchild, Michael F GIS, Spatial Analysis, And Modeling 2005 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589481305 Details
Laura Lang Transportation GIS: Includes 12 Case Studies 1999 ESRI Press Paperback 1879102471 Details
Ian Masser GIS Worlds: Creating Spatial Data Infrastructures 2005 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589481220 Details
Andy Mitchell The ESRI Guide To Gis Analysis Volume 1: Geographic Patterns & Relationships 1999 ESRI Press Paperback 9781879102064 Details
David O'Sullivan; David J. Unwin; Unwin, D Geographic Information Analysis 2002 Wiley Hardcover 9780471211761 Details
Knowles, Anne Kelly Past Time, Past Place: GIS For History 2002 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589480322 Details
Nadine Schuurman GIS: A Short Introduction (Short Introductions To Geography Ser.) 2004 Blackwell Publishing, Incorporated Hardcover 9780631235323 Details
Lund, Jennifer J Understanding Place: GIS And Mapping Across The Curriculum 2006 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589481497 Details
Kidner, David B; Higgs, Gary; White, Sean Socio-Economic Applications Of Geographic Information Science (Innovations In Gis, 9) 2002 CRC Hardcover 0415279100 Details
Michael Zeiler Modeling Our World: The ESRI Guide To Geodatabase Design 2000 ESRI Press Paperback 9781879102620 Details
Laura Lang Managing Natural Resources With GIS 1998 ESRI Press Paperback 1879102536 Details
Tools, and Infrastructure Committee on Planning for Catastrophe: A Blueprint for Improving Geospatial Data; National Research Council Successful Response Starts With A Map: Improving Geospatial Support For Disaster Management 2006 National Academies Press Paperback 9780309103404 Details
Andy Mitchell Zeroing In: Geographic Information Systems At Work In The Community 1998 ESRI Press Paperback 9781879102507 Details
A Stewart Fotheringham; Chris Brunsdon; Martin Charlton Quantitative Geography: Perspectives On Spatial Data Analysis 2000 Sage Publications Ltd Paperback 9780761959489 Details
Cynthia A. Brewer Designing Better Maps: A Guide For GIS Users 2005 ESRI Press Paperback 1589480899 Details
Harvey Goldstein Multilevel Statistical Models 2002 A Hodder Arnold Publication Hardcover 9780340806555 Details
Steven J. Steinberg; Sheila L. Steinberg; Steinberg, Sheila L Geographic Information Systems For The Social Sciences: Investigating Space And Place 2005 Sage Publications, Inc Paperback 9780761928737 Details
Stephen W. Raudenbush; Anthony S. Bryk; Bryk, Anthony S Hierarchical Linear Models: Applications And Data Analysis Methods (Advanced Quantitative Techniques In The Social Sciences) 2001 Sage Publications, Inc Hardcover 9780761919049 Details
Goodchild, Michael F; Janelle, Donald G Spatially Integrated Social Science (Spatial Information Systems) 2004 Oxford University Press, USA Hardcover 9780195152708 Details
David A. Plane; Peter A. Rogerson; Rogerson, Peter The Geographical Analysis Of Population: With Applications To Planning And Business 1994 Wiley Hardcover 9780471510147 Details
Falconer, Allan; Foresman, Joyce; Shrestha, Basanta Raj A System For Survival: GIS And Sustainable Development 2002 ESRI Press Paperback 158948052X Details
Richard Brail; Richard Klosterman Planning Support Systems: Integrating Geographic Information Systems, Models, And Visualization Tools 2001 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589480117 Details
Fox, Jefferson People And The Environment: Approaches For Linking Household And Community Surveys To Remote Sensing And Gis 2002 Springer Hardcover 1402073224 Details
Richard LeGates Think Globally, Act Regionally: Gis And Data Visualization For Social Science And Public Policy Research 2005 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589481244 Details
R W Greene GIS In Public Policy: Using Geographic Information For More Effective Government 2000 ESRI Press Paperback 9781879102668 Details
The Orton Family Foundation Making Community Connections: The Orton Family Foundation Community Mapping Program 2003 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589480711 Details
Trevor Bailey; Tony Gatrell; Gatrell, Anthony C Interactive Spatial Data Analysis 1996 Prentice Hall Paperback 9780582244931 Details
Barry N. Boots; Arthur Getis Point Pattern Analysis (Scientific Geography Series) 1988 Sage Publications, Inc Hardcover 0803922450 Details
Ichioro Kawachi; Lisa F. Berkman Neighborhoods And Health (Medicine) 2003 Oxford University Press, USA Hardcover 0195138384 Details
Maheswaran, Ravi; Craglia, Massimo GIS In Public Health Practice 2004 CRC Hardcover 0415306558 Details
Aron, Joan L; Patz, Jonathan Ecosystem Change And Public Health: A Global Perspective 2001 The Johns Hopkins University Press Paperback 0801865824 Details
Lepper, Marion J. C. de; Scholten, H. J; Stern, Richard M The Added Value Of Geographical Information Systems In Public And Environmental Health (Geojournal Library) 1995 Springer Hardcover 9780792318873 Details
Ellen K. Cromley; Sara L. McLafferty; McLafferty, Sara GIS And Public Health 2002 The Guilford Press Hardcover 9781572307070 Details
Khan, Omar A; Skinner, Ric Geographic Information Systems And Health Applications 2002 IGI Global Hardcover 1591400422 Details
Alan L., M.D. Melnick Introduction To Geographic Information Systems For Public Health 2002 Aspen Publishers Paperback 083421878X Details
Tom Koch Cartographies Of Disease: Maps, Mapping, And Medicine 2005 ESRI Press Paperback 9781589481206 Details
Laura Lang GIS For Health Organizations 2000 ESRI Press Paperback 9781879102651 Details
Gatrell, Anthony C; Lo¨yto¨nen, Markku Gis And Health 1998 CRC Library Binding 0748407790 Details
Karen C Hanna GIS For Landscape Architects 1999 ESRI Press Paperback 9781879102644 Details

Additional readings from prior workshops that may be of interest:

Comparison of a spatial approach with the multilevel approach for investigating place effects on health: the example of healthcare utilisation in France - Basile Chaix, Juan Merlo, and Pierre Chauvin

Spatial Demography - Kenneth W. Wachter

The Examination of Neigborhood Effects on Health: Conceptual and Methodological Issues Related to the Presence of Multiple Levels of Organization

Demography as a Spatial Social Science - Paul R. Voss

GIS and Spatial Demography - Stephen A. Matthews

Multiple membership multiple classification (MMMC) models

Neighborhood Environments and Coronary Heart Disease: A Multilevel Analysis

Multilevel Models in the Study of Dynamic Household Structures

Applied Multilevel Analysis

Multilevel modelling of the geographical distributions of diseases

Invited Commentary: Advancing Theory and Methods for Multilevel Models of Residential Neighborhoods and Health

Tutorial in Biostatistics An Introduction to Hierarchical Linear Modelling

GeoDa: An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis

Under the Hood. Issues in the Specification and Interpretation of Spatial Regression Models

Robust point-pattern inference from spatially censored data

A descriptive analysis of discrete U.S. industrial complexes

spatstat: An R Package for Analyzing Spatial Point Patterns

Spatial modeling with GIS

Areal Interpolation and Spatial Convolution

The Role of Spatial Analysis in Demographic Research

The Fertility Transition in Egypt: Intraurban Patterns in Cairo


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