Advanced Spatial Analysis

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Spatially Integrated Social Science
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UCSB 2008 July 13-July 18, 2008: Santa Barbara, CA

Spatial Pattern Analysis

The main approaches to spatial pattern analysis include exploratory spatial data analysis (ESDA), spatial statistics, geostatistics, and spatial econometrics. This workshop will cover each of these four areas with an emphasis on spatial point pattern analysis and geostatistics. This workshop focuses on applications of spatial pattern analysis in a geographic information systems environment. The workshop will feature a series of lectures on spatial pattern analysis, exercises demonstrating the principles outlined in the lectures, and data exploration based on current projects concerned with spatial patterns relating to various demographic, behavioral, and economic phenomena. Lectures will emphasize the fundamental principles and examples of the use of spatial pattern analysis for the help it gives toward the solution of important societal questions. Demonstrating concepts covered in the lectures, exercises will utilize a variety of software tools including ArcGIS 9.x, Point Pattern Analysis, and GeoDa software, among others. The data exploration portion of the workshop will consist of GIS-based analyses of spatial data drawing on studies of crime within an urban environment (Arthur Getis), the spread of infectious diseases such as dengue fever in the tropics (Jared Aldstadt), and the diffusion of fertility decline in a third-world setting (John Weeks).

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Laptop Requirement

Workshop attendees are expected to bring a laptop computer that meets the following requirements: Windows XP, 1GB RAM, 1.6 GHz Processor, 1GB free disk space.
In preparing your laptop for use in the workshop, please be certain that your Windows Operating System is updated via Windows Update. If you have an Anti-Virus software installed (e.g., Symantec Norton Antivirus) and if it has expired, please update the software with a new subscription. Then perform an update. on Windows XP. Failure to comply with these requests will either delay your ability to use the workshop wireless network or completely negate the possibility of connecting to the network.

Attendees will receive detailed information about access to software and data for use in the workshop.


Participants will receive a certificate of completion from the GIS Population Science Training Program in Advanced Spatial Analysis from the Center for Spatially Integrated Science.

GIS and Population Science Advanced Spatial Analysis Workshops Flyer. (430kb)
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